Dr.Jart+ Dullness

Dermatological Skincare for Dull Skin

Discover skin care products for dull skin packed with ingredients that brighten dull skin for a glowing complexion.

Dr.Jart+ US's products to brighten dull skin bring Korean products for dull skin to a game-changing new level. Created by both scientists and artists to bring beauty and innovation together, our dull skin products go deep within the skin barrier to strengthen, brighten, and illuminate the skin from within. And Dr.Jart+ US makes dull skin products for every step in your product routine, from Korean products for dull skin like face masks to serums, creams, and even micro-tip patches. With breakthrough scientific ingredients like peptides plus all-natural extracts like licorice, Dr.Jart+ US's products to brighten dull skin are the best in the world. Dr.Jart+ US's award-winning anti aging skin care products include: Brightening Infusion HydroGel Mask, which perfectly fits your facial contours to give your face a boost of radiance. This dull skin product contains galactomyces, vitamin C, and licorice extract to moisturize and brighten complexion while immediately cooling the skin upon application. Peptidin Energizing Serum, the perfect treat for a rough, depleted and fatigued complexion. The silky, ultra light serum is power-packed with 8-Peptide Complex and Peach Flower Extract for a super boost of brightness you wont get in other brands' Korean products for dull skin. FocuSpot Dark Circle MicroTip Patches, which replicate the effect of popular micro-needling procedures with 72% hydrating Hyaluronic Acid. The product for dull skin's nourishing Vitamin A and Peptides are absorbed deep into skin to moisturize and improve the look of stubborn dark circles within 2 weeks. Black Level Detox BB Beauty Balm, a dull skin product that also supports antiaging while hiding uneven skin tone and blemishes, with a triple-action formula that contains all-natural botanical active ingredients to purify and calm blemish-prone or irritated skin.