Go beyond the surface & target stubborn imperfections with Focuspot skin care treatment.

Did you know there are 7 essential vitamins for healthy skin? (They're vitamins B3, C, F, K3, B5, E, & H, in case you're wondering.) But with Dr.Jart+ US's +V7™ collection, there's no need to count. (Phew!) We take the guesswork out of vitamins for healthy skin with two products that promote brighter, more glowing skin thanks to our V7™ Multi-Vitamin Complex, which was created in our laboratory to infuse essential vitamins for healthy skin straight into your daily skincare routine. Plus, each V7™ product includes natural fruit extracts, which visibly brighten dull-looking skin and provide antioxidants to protect skin against damage and signs of aging. At Dr.Jart+ US, there are two ways to get your essential vitamins for healthy skin, and they're both incredible: V7™ Serum is a silky, dual-phase serum that delivers a daily dose of essential vitamins for healthy skin, plus antioxidants and nutrients to moisturize, protect, and brighten the complexion. It uses a vitamin E infused bubble burst that provides crucial vitamins for healthy skin, plus a formula that's clinically tested to balance natural melanin production. V7™ Priming Moisturizer is a multi-tasking lotion power-packed with essential vitamins for healthy skin that visibly evens out the complexion while noticeably blurring pores and imperfections. Besides helping skin achieve a flawless finish, this moisturizer uses a tomato leaf cell extract that hydrates and protects skin against environmental stressors while infusing skin cells with vitamins for healthy skin. With benefits like a brighter complexion and smoother makeup application, V7™ Priming Moisturizer makes a daily glow-up possible, and fuels your skin for the future thanks to its key ingredient: a delivery of essential vitamins for healthy skin that's easy and a pleasure to use.