Dr Jart+ US Concern Oily skin

Dermatological Korean Skincare for Oily Skin

Remove impurities, clear your pores, and reduce excess oil production with Dr.Jart's oily skin care products.

Why are Dr.Jart+ US's Korean skincare for oily skin products the ones that work best? Because Dr.Jart+ US's products for oily skin don't just help reduce shine. These products for oily skin also target the trouble spots of combination skin while leaving unproblematic areas alone. The result is less oil, more hydration, and a rebalancing of the skin's pH levels that most oily skin products couldn't dream of accomplishing. Our oily skin products work so well because they have several key ingredients for reducing oil and shine while keeping skin fresh and in the clear. Teatreement™ Solution (Tea Tree Leaf Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, 4-Terpineol), used in some of our newest Korean skincare for oily skin products because it rebalances skin's pH, clearing oil and dirt while lessening oil production in the future. Activated Charcoal, which helps purify and detox the complexion and clear pores, making it ideal for us to use in face masks (like the Dermask Ultra Jet Porecting Solution and Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Sheet Mask), plus other products to control oily skin. Carbonic Acid Powder, infused with carbon dioxide which activates to help deeply penetrate and clear out pores. We love using it in our Dermask Ultra Jet Peeling Solution, an innovative bubbling mask that's among our favorite products to control oily skin. Jartbiome, our proprietary microbiome complex that helps strengthen, balance and improve skin's defenses, reducing oil while clearing redness and calming any irritation. Tomato Leaf Cell Extract, used in Dr.Jart+ US's V7 Priming Moisturizer to hydrate & protect against environmental stressors for a brighter complexion & smoother makeup application. Bonus: it noticeably blurs the look of pores and imperfections, keeping shiny skin at bay.